Fabulous Energy=Studio 64

Submitted by: Ranj Heer

Dr. T's Success Story

Hi Rockin' Ranj,
I love my workouts at Studio 64 ! You and Steve both have the most fabulous energy and insight into keeping the process lively and exciting.

Hi and hey to the daughter of the one we love to hate !
I know your most learned mom has shared many secrets of the job with you. From a clients point of view the most important thing is that we do love to hate you but only when we're working out. We love to indulge ourselves in how hard done we are etc. It's a way the group of victims, oops, clients bond. Never take us seriously, we would hate it !
Also no matter who we are rich or poor, young or old, doctor's, lawyer's or homemaker's,etc., at our workouts, you are always the expert !
Good on you Praveen, you are going to be a chip off the old block ! (ha ha)
Dr. T