Expectant Mom Still in TRX Flow

Elisa Garcia's Success Story

Who says pregnant women don't workout? Why would you ever stop doing the things you enjoy? Moderation and modifications are necessary, for sure, but when the core is in control (and has been prior to the pregnancy) Pilates mom's keep going, and going and going until the delivery date! At least they do in the Movement Space!

I am proud to have three new expectant mothers gracing the studio this season and while they don't workout together, they are all still wonderfully enjoying the movement of their changing bodies with the use of Pilates and the TRX.

Generally, if one's body knows the work prior to pregnancy; i.e., has control, strength and mastery of the moves and exercises, then continual training with a few modifications (after the first trimester - removal of all prone exercises and, elevated torso support to ensure breath and alleviate pressure/weight of the fetus on the diaphragm) generally can and should continue. Frankly, no matter what the discipline; which is why I threw this image in for effect! ;-)

No, we are not slinging dumbbells in the studio, although it is entirely possible. We are, however, throwing some "body weight" around.

In the case of Elisa, our featured expectant mom below, an exceptionally fit person with unending willpower, is probably throwing around 130-138 pounds only. I actually met Elisa and introduced her to Pilates more than seven years ago. Her job schedule took her away from the class and ultimately I left the facility and opened the Pilates4Fitness studio - now within walking distance of her home. Needless to say, Elisa maintains a spin class 1X week, Pilates magic circle mat class 1X and has been a fixture in a TRX Flow class 2X since the opening of the studio.

The video below shows her in a regular 6am class workout that she hasn't missed for over a year. She is in the early stage of her second trimester and still can take the others to task on any given day.

When they others are performing prone or overhead movements, Elisa moves to the Wunda chair for footwork, pumping or pressdowns and alternatively uses the stability ball for stretching. She always returns to the TRX station for all the pushups, planks and pikes.

Watch Elisa Move with the TRX in the YouTube Video.

I am proud of her and for her and I know she is proud of herself.


Elisa Garcia Before


Elisa Garcia After