Exercise - Just What the Doctor Ordered

Submitted by: Traci Burns Lazo

Kent - 71 Years Young!'s Success Story

I was told by my doctor that even at 71 exercise was the best medicine he could prescribe and that I could be in as good a shape as I wanted to be. That let out marathons and iron man competitions, but it did give me physical goals that enhance my quality of life.
I was introduced to Just Workout by a friend and immediately felt the smaller size and the friendly culture of the staff and the clients was perfect for me. It is a place where I can work out on my own and if I need help I can ask and the folks there will give me complete attention to my problem. The trainers are excellent and work within my capacities and encourage me with a personal feeling to enhance and expand my capacities. Just Workout is comfortable and often there are up to five personal friends there that I didn't know used the facilities.
Other facilities generally do not have the personal touch of Just Workout and there is a sense of frenzy in them. Also, there is little waiting to use equipment as something you need is always available.
The result of my time spent at Just Workout is eye opening. I have lost weight and body fat so that I can wear suits that I bought in 1973. I have been able to discard certain medications with the direction of my physician the result of which I feel more alert and alive. I used to feel lethargic in the morning and now I wake up hungry. My legs are stronger and I am much more flexible. All in all Just Workout is the best medicine I have taken outside of invasive surgery.