Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Submitted by: Robin Bunio

Dee's Success Story

I have been working with Dee for over five months. When I first met Dee, she was frustrated by her exercise routine. Her primary exercise was swimming. Her doctor had told her that she was losing muscle and she was very concerned. She was getting bored with her routine and wanted something new. Since her condition was not severe, I started her on weight machines and cardio equipment. She said she had feared using the cardio Step machine due to her balance. Once I created the program settings for her, she began to enjoy using the machine and has improved her cardio fitness. As Dee progressed with the weight machines, I transitioned her to using free weights and other equipment (Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Cable Pulley, and Stability Ball). Dee had not done multi-joint exercises before (Lunges, Squats, Plies') and was not yet ready to do these without various equipment (Bands, Stability Ball) for assistance. We did a variety of Lunges and Squats and used different techniques to assist her muscles and help with her balance. She also began to use a Stability Ball for Crunches and Leg Exercises. After several months of performing these exercises with assistance, Dee's balance had improved greatly and she began doing all of the exercises unsupported. When Dee saw her doctor for her six-month check up, he told her that she has made "significant progress in her strength and balance." Dee feels much better about her body and enjoys the variety and challenges in her workouts.