Exceeded Expectations

Submitted by: Tonya Kulczyski

Kristen's Success Story

In November of 2012 I had an ACL replacement surgery and began 6 weeks of traditional physical therapy In January 2013 I went back to an orthopedic surgeon who said I had not progressed as far as he had hoped, he gave me an additional 8 weeks before another follow-up appointment with him to check progression.

My initial thought was back to yoga. I could get stronger, gain flexibility and heal from the inside out. He said yes on a Thursday and I was back in class the following Monday. due to the wonderful teaching staff at Mind/Body: Balance I was able to slowly get the mobility back into my knee along with finally getting stronger.

I have recently gone back for that follow up appointment. My surgeon could not believe how strong and flexible I had become. I exceeded his expectations when he did my final measurements.

I will continue with yoga as a part of my journey to getting back to all of the activities I love. To say thank you is just not enough for all of the support that those wonderful ladies have given me.

Kristen R.

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