Even My Dog lost weight!!

Submitted by: Machelle Lee

Victoria's Success Story

Machelle will motivate you to get strong and fit! Before I started a few months ago,I had trouble lifting a bag of groceries. Now I am impressing my husband with my incredible strength! I had no idea that I could develop so much strength in such a short amount of time. In a few weeks,I have dropped a pant size. She has helped me to develop new healthy habits like stretching every day and incorporating regular cardio into my week. Machelle comes to you! I just love that! She comes to my house and has shown me how to work out in the comfort of my own home. I don't have any excuses because she has made it so easy for me to incorporate exercise into my daily life. I was very worried about injuring myself but she watches closely and modifies any moves that are difficult. Machelle supports and encourages you through the entire work out. In addition to the specially designed workouts, she also sends out newsletters,inspiring e-mails and gives you copies of your work outs with pictures so you can do them whenever you want. The tools that have really helped me are the goal/contract sheets,the exercise calendar and the food journal. I just keep everything on my fridge and write things down as I go. It's easy! The work outs are really fun and Machelle is a great motivator. It feels so good to be reaching my fitness goals so quickly! In addition to being a great trainer, Machelle is also professional,punctual,prepared ,reliable and just plain cool! I hope you enjoy the work outs as much as I do.