Submitted by: Zachary Davis

's Success Story

My name is Erinn Campbell and I began training with Zachary Davis and the Amarillo Bootcamp in late spring of 2011. Zach had been leading the bootcamp for a while before I started and he finally convinced to try it out. I remember my first day and feeling so lost, I didn't know where to start. Zach was right there making sure I was staying motivated and keeping me on my toes (literally, planks and all)! After a spring and summer session was under my belt, I could feel myself getting stronger and everyone around me was starting to notice my weight loss!! In August 2011, I got engaged and we started planning a winter wedding! Now I had more determination than ever to transform into what I wanted to be. I stuck out the WAY TOO early mornings and I remember wanting to give up so many times. Then one morning after a weigh in, Zach sent our results to us thru email and I remember him telling me I was the most determined person in class!! That meant the world to me and it made going to class that much more rewarding. Even though I truly did make a transformation on the outside, words or pictures cannot describe how fabulous I felt on the inside! I owe that feeling to Zach!!