Erin Goes Paleo and Gets in GREAT Shape!

Submitted by: Mike Kneuer

Erin's Success Story

" I decided to make a life style change and I wanted to get healthy and in better shape but I honestly had no idea where to begiMike helped me by giving me nutritional advice and eased me into working out in a way that wasn't overwhelming and was very do-able for a beginner. Keep in mind he did this from a thousand miles away, living in another state. He had me log my meals and my workouts and he slowly added in resistance training after I had been doing cardio for a considerable amount of time and I had more stamina and energy. He also advised me on a vitamin regiment and suggested supplements that made a world of difference in my energy levels. Mike began sending me workouts that catered directly to my fitness level and my desired results. He did all this from another state and over a period of 5 months I lost 24 pounds and now see drastic changes in my body not only in weight loss but in muscle definition as well. I could not be more grateful for Mike's help and certainly couldn't have gotton into the shape I am in now without him. He knows the importance of diet and I am certain my results would be drastically different if he hadn't been so dedicated to the benefits of eating clean and his blog with meal pictures and descriptions was a great help. With the right guidance I truly believe anyone can reach their fitness goals and I have nothing but positive things to say about Mike's fitness guidance." - Erin K


Erin Before


Erin After