Engineering his comeback

Submitted by: Sylvia Galelli

Craig C's Success Story

Like many of us Craig’s health and fitness was declining as he got more involved with his profession. As a design engineer, he spent more and more time sitting in front of a computer screen and less and less time being active and taking care of his health. Progressively, Craig suffered a loss of energy and strength. Eventually he lost the physical ability to do what he enjoyed most - skiing! Craig felt that “it was important to develop good health today, to minimize serious health issues for my next thirty years”
In October 2007, he realized it was time for a change. Craig knew that large chain gyms with a crowded atmosphere are not a good fit for him. After visiting Fitness Advantage, meeting some of the professional staff, and learning about their comprehensive lifestyle approach to health and fitness, Craig knew he had found a place to help him achieve his goals. His goals were simple: improve his overall health; get back the strength and fitness he had as a younger man; and most important, regain the ability to ski without experiencing excruciating pain the next day.
When Craig started food choices were definitely a challenge. In order to get him passed that roadblock Sylvia, Fitness Advantage’s Program Director and Certified Nutrition Specialist, worked with him to create an easy to follow plan. The program, a modified Mediterranean diet, combined healthy food choices, meal replacement shakes (for a quick and easy grab-and-go option) and high quality supplements (targeting improving blood sugar management and blood lipid profile). Sylvia taught Craig not just about the vital role nutrition plays in overall health, but also how to make smarter food choices with a busy schedule.
Additionally, during the course of this past year Craig also decided to consult Dr Bahl, Fitness Advantage's functional medicine doctor, for a clinical evaluation of his overall health. After testing, Dr Bahl added some nutraceuticals and adaptogens to help Craig's adrenal and thyroid levels regain better function.
With his nutrition in order Craig turned to his trainer, Ping, to create an effective workout program that would safely progress him towards his goals. Ping incorporated a mix of strength, balance and core training to improve Craig’s strength and functional fitness levels.
After a year of changing his lifestyle and consistently working with his trainer Craig achieved his goals of improved strength and overall health. To top it off, on January 2, 2009 Craig skied for hours down the slopes of Snow Valley without any pain the next day! With his newfound strength and energy Craig is feeling the healthiest he has in years, while looking forward to many more seasons of skiing with continuing good health and fitness into his future.

Congratulations Craig and keep up the great work!


Craig C Before


Craig C After