Energeia Boot Camp's December Member of the Month

Submitted by: Jennifer Lima

Stacie's Success Story

I am 46 years old and I have been interested in sports since I was in grade school. I played softball and volleyball growing up and during high school. When I was in my early twenties my mom introduced me to running. She started running with my step-father at the same time they quit smoking! The next thing I knew, my mom and step-dad were completing 10K races! Every time they signed up for a race they asked me to join them. I did. My sole goal for each race was to simply cross the finish line. I remember the next few days after a 10K run I could barely walk because my body was so sore! Years passed and I continued to run with my parents as it was something we enjoyed doing together. They were my inspiration!

Twenty years later I moved onto endurance sports. I completed my first marathon in 2000 with Team and Training's Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This was a great way to learn how to run distances plus raise money for an excellent cause. Shortly after my marathon,I tried cycling and completed four century (100 mile bike rides) with Team and Training. I then moved onto the sport of the Triathlon. Since 2000, I have completed three marathons (one of them in Paris, France!) twenty-one triathlons, one Half Iron Man triathlon. I also completed two AIDS Lifecylce Rides - riding my bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for the San Francisco Aids Foundation.

I really enjoy endurance events though my new favorite workouts are Jen's boot camp classes! I have experienced more physical and strength results with Jen's workouts than I have in the last ten years of endurance sports training. Jen designs the best and most efficient cross-training classes! She caters her boot camps for the seasoned athlete in addition to the beginner athlete. I find it amazing how Jen can cater her class to all fitness levels. I feel like I get a personal workout with each boot camp session!

In addition to the great workouts I get with Jen, her personality creates a positive, friendly environment. I will continue to 'boot camp' with Jen because it has made me a stronger, more flexible and more confident person. The bonuses are - I am 12 pounds thinner today and I haven't had any injuries because of the phenomenal cross-training exercises developed by Jen.

To health and Energeia Boot Camp!
Stacie S


Stacie After