Elite Training for an Elite Unit

Submitted by: Wes Kennedy

James's Success Story

James is one of the original clients at Elite Training Programs. He is one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet, and demonstrates a commitment and dedication to his goals that every coach wishes to see in his or her clients. His motivation and work ethic allowed James to pass through Clearance Diver selection; one of the most gruelling selection phases that the Canadian Forces has to offer. Upon successful completion, James was selected and now lives his dream every day as a CF Clearance Diver.

"I finally got my dream, a chance to prove myself on the Canadian Clearance Diver selection process! Only one problem, I had not expected to get this opportunity so soon and I was not in the right kind of shape. I was strong but more familiar with a bench press than I was with my own pair of shoes and a short run. I needed to completely change my nutrition and fitness routine, increase my cardio and learn to swim.

This selection was a little over a month away and, if I succeeded, could lead to a new career with great opportunities. I called Wes Kennedy because he was a highly recommended fitness programmer and would be able to help me with my training. In no time at all Wes had set up a program that took my individual needs and specific concerns and formulated a well thought out training/ nutrition regime. Within two weeks I found my cardio was bounding past my expectations and my swimming came faster than ever. I found that the days I did not want to train were the heaviest, and my laziness was not a factor. Training was incredibly diverse; I saw huge gains both in my cardio times and my strength. After our training was almost complete Wes ran me through a “mock” prelim, keeping me up for three days simulating what I might see in my selection. Long story short, the training was hard but just what I needed. I came to prelim an absolute machine.

I was easily one of the fittest guys to show up and after 2 excruciating weeks completed the selection phase successfully. Wes Kennedy’s training program was vital to my success and I owe it to his programming and motivation just as much as to my own work ethic. I advise anyone with a goal big or small to seek the guidance of Wes and his company. You may not always like how hard you have to work, you may not always like what time you have to get up just to go for a run, you may not always like the things you’re doing, however, I guarantee when you look back at what you’ve done and how far you’ve come, you’ll love who you are and where you are. Challenge yourself, and go further than ever before!”

- James Butler
Canadian Forces Clearance Diver


James Before


James After