"Exercise Therapy saved my life"

Submitted by: Matt Whitehead

Furhy's Success Story

"I have been using the Egoscue Method since 2002 and first I want to say that the program saved my life. I am now 67 and I was first told my knees were arthritic at age 20. I have been a very active person my entire life, enjoying downhill skiing, running, hiking, biking, square dancing, and diving. I have had lots of pain for over 40 years and they have wanted to replace my right knee for over 20 years. I keep telling them that 'I walked in here and I’m going to walk out.' I have had five surgeries, but I never let them replace the knee.

By 2002 I had been in so much pain for the prior 3 years that I could not take it anymore. I was ready to end it all, and had planned for January in Belize, and I decided that I’d dive to the bottom of Blue Hole and cut off my oxygen tank. Life had lost all meaning.

One day while walking through a bookstore, Pete's book Pain Free jumped off the shelves at me. I read it cover to cover and it was the first glimpse of hope I had seen in many years. I started doing the menus out of the book, but did everything wrong. I had the privilege of going to the Portland, Oregon clinic while we lived there and with Matt's guidance we got things going down the right path.

I am doing things now that I have not done since my early 40's, including doing 25 mile mountain bike rides! I have only had 3 days spent totally in bed because of pain since starting Egoscue. Prior to Egoscue this was a common practice. I was told by doctors that I would always have pain because my knees are bone-on-bone. I have entire whole days with no pain at all!

My husband and I have all the books and have given away at least two dozen Pain Free books. I have received emails from people I do not remember meeting saying their lives have been changed! I guess I am an evangelist for your program. I want to say thank you for your program, I have total trust in the Egoscue Method and your wisdom.

My dream is to run again. I told Matt with tears running down my face that it is the one thing I hope to do by the time I am 70.

Your program gives more than hope...it saved my life."