Egoscue prevented surgery for herniated discs

Submitted by: Matt Whitehead

Renee's Success Story

"My Egoscue Experience. I tweaked my back moving a large trunk and the next day, I was really hurting. I went to several doctors who took X-rays and an MRI and said I had two herniated discs (L4 and L5) and I would probably need surgery. All I know is that I could not sit, stand up straight, or get comfortable enough to sleep because of excruciating pain in by back and down my leg and this had been going on for over three weeks by this time. I had a very important annual business meeting coming up and my ability to make the trip was in serious doubt.

I was referred to Egoscue by a friend who was having remarkable results after years of pain and $10,000 in other treatments that did not work. When I first went to Egoscue Portland, I met Matt Whitehead and the rest is truly a remarkable testament to the work these Egoscue therapists do to give people their lives back.

Matt was very compassionate and the program he designed for me was exactly the information my muscles needed to receive in order to restore my posture and eliminate my pain. I bought the book ‘Pain Free,’ by Pete Egoscue, and was relieved to learn that my herniated disks were truly a positive thing, not something that needed to be operated on. My body was protecting me from further damage.

After two weeks of working with Matt and doing my menu daily, I was pain free and strong enough to make the cross country flight to Florida for my company meeting. I danced with wild abandon, song after song, and did not feel any discomfort or pain the following day.

I have introduced many people to Egoscue and can see the difference it is making in their lives. And I use it before Yoga, walking or any other physical activity. Egoscue creates awareness and provides the proactive mindset for a vital life. I work within the wellness industry and counsel people on finding balance in mind, body and spirit. I have become somewhat of an evangelist for how the human body is a miracle and that when given the right nutrients it can renew, rebuild and rejuvenate its self. After my Egoscue experience I see how posture and correct motion are an integral part of this process.

Thank you, Matt! And the entire team at Egoscue Portland."