Egoscue is a Preventative Choice

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Jeanne M.'s Success Story

I discovered The Egoscue Method through a friend in Los Angeles and, as I watched him heal his back through the realigning movements rather than accept major surgery, I decided I wanted the experience for myself.

I didn’t have anything ‘wrong’ with me, but I was convinced Egoscue offered me the opportunity to take care of myself in a most fundamental way. It was a preventive choice.

We moved to Saint Paul soon after I discovered Egoscue and I wondered if I would ever find someone as wonderful as the therapist I had witnessed.

In Deb, I found someone even better.

I’m thrilled with her gentle, encouraging, practical guidance. She is stunning in her capacity to describe the moves and make them personal. She is beautifully intuitive, well-trained, and experienced. I am convinced I’ve found the very best facilitator in this healing, empowering therapy.

And, within days of my starting my routines, my husband noticed the difference, not only in my movements, but how relaxed I had become. He is now as crazy, happily enthused as I am about this process that allows us to feel flexible, comfortable, and re-connected to our bodies.

Deb has been our guide and cheerleader. Our time with her was as much fun as it was challenging. In fact, we loved our experience so much, we have asked her to continue working with us“ even though we have recently relocated back to the west coast. And Deb, in her open, delightful way has agreed.

If I could give my friends, family, and children any gift in the world, I would give them some sessions with Deb. In her spirit, enthusiasm, and expertise, she would change their world.

Jeanne M.