Ear Infections – Chronic Runny Nose – 3 year old

Submitted by: Jeff Evenson

Johanna's Success Story

REGARDING YOUR IMPROVEMENT: My daughter just turned 3 years old, she has suffered from ear infections and a chronic runny nose since birth. She has had 3 surgeries including two sets of tubes in her ears and had her tonsils and adnoids removed to supposedly stop her runny nose. None of which actually worked, her ears continue to clog up and get infected and her nose still runs. Her father has a history with bad ears also and has had over 20 surgeries on his ears and now wears hearing aids and I didn’t want that to be her story, so I brought her in to see if Jeff could help.
HOW IS IT NOW: Today her nose no longer runs and her ears are clear! Jeff found she had a fungus and bacteria in her ears and both of those feed on sugar. Her ears are now dried up and her nose no longer runs as long as I keep her off sugar. I’m amazed to see just a tiny bit of sugar causes her nose to run almost immediately. Her speech is much improving now that she can hear again. She also had a virus in her heart which caused her to be crabby and not sleep well, since clearing everything up she is truly a new baby. I didn’t actually enroll Johanna in the program as her problems were simple to clear up and only needed a few visits to fix. I myself have a very small income and the cost was a big issue for me, until that is, I got the bill. He charged me 2$ for each year of age,so her appointments were 4$ a visit and then a small amount for the supplements she needed. I am so thankful we found Nutrition Response Testing before my baby girl had to have another surgery or medication she didn’t really need.