Dual knee surgery fitness training results

Submitted by: Joe Zita

Ken - Marlboro NJ's Success Story

I wanted to write expressing my appreciation fot the great support
you have provided me in preparing me to live a normal life from my dual knee replacement operations.
As i was crazy enough to have the surgery at the same time, the challenge to be able to move both legs almost equally was not very simple. Your knowledge of all the muscles and tendons,and how to direct me to utilize them through exercise to get a complete balance of both legs muscles and their movement has been outstanding. Your knowledge of the gym equipment and how they should be used at various stages of my recovery has been great. Your patience to work with a very stubborn personality to achieve the required goals cannot be measured. You were able to take my condition from a point where a physical therapist could not help me any further,to 100% extension and 120 degrees bending both legs is extremely rare in my type of surgery. Thank you ,thank you ,thank you.