Dropped two sizes!

Submitted by: Jennifer Applegate

Crystal's Success Story

“Jennifer Applegate is a very motivational & knowledgeable trainer! When designing a workout that fits your needs, Jennifer is top notch! After visiting with me, Jennifer learned I had a cardio routine in place of 2-3 days a week. She knew I didn’t really need to lose weight, but wanted to just tone & shape my figure. She implemented an interval weight & cardio program and, within a few months, I began to see results.

Jennifer helps me stay focused. When we are training she is constantly reviewing with me a number of things in addition to my workout. At each session, she will review with me my diet & eating habits for the week, possibly suggesting things to consider where I can cut out unwanted calories. Also, knowing that I want to tone, she will do a fat% just to see if we are making progress.

In addition, Jennifer can motivate me in a way during our workouts that makes me work harder than I ever would on my own. After working out with Jennifer for the past few years, I have remained at about the same weight, but have dropped two sizes just by toning & shaping my figure.

Miramont Health Club is very fortunate to have Jennifer Applegate on staff as one of their trainers.”