Dropped 50lbs and enjoys exercising now!

Submitted by: David Bostik

Jen's Success Story

The day I made a conscious decision to join the gym in April 2010, I told myself that this was it, "I'm sick and tired of being overweight!" My clothes were tight, my eating habits were undesirable, and I didn't like who I was when I looked in the mirror. I had tried many different diets, all of which eventually failed, and didn't include exercise. After working out on my own for a week or two, I felt I needed to take it to the next level, and get a personal trainer. That's when I met Dave.

In the past I've always given up the gym after a few weeks in, and working out alone was boring and mundane. Training with Dave helped me address all the reasons for those previous failures-I started to see quick results because he knew how to push me. I learned new ways to train which kept it interesting, and I was always confident I was doing the exercises in the right way. Working out for me had never been a joyful experience. With repetitive and boring workouts of my own, it has always been hard for me to stay focused. Dave keeps it fun and interesting, and knows exactly how to keep me motivated every step of the way. Not only was I pushing myself while training, but I saw a huge change in keeping up with exercises outside of training. With his help I started to look forward to working out, enjoyed the exciting and new exercises, and was now able to make healthy food choices naturally. With all of this positive reinforcement I no longer had any reason to lose motivation. Most importantly, Dave's easy going personality made each session unique and fun; and his complete dedication to each individual client and their goals makes him a reliable trainer. With Dave's encouragement boosting my own ambition, I was able to drop 30 lbs. and 4 pants sizes in just five months!

- Jen


Jen Before


Jen After