Dropped 2 pant sizes

Submitted by: Laurie Ames

Kristin's Success Story

Laurie is wonderful and very easy to work with. Each workout is different from the last and it is easy to see progress over time. I appreciate Laurie as a good coach - she pushes me out of my comfort zone in a gentle way and helps me to see what I am capable of. She is great in following up to see how different workouts have made me feel (and if/where I'm sore - in a good way!) and seeks input on what I'd like to do for my next session. She's also a strong motivator. If I were working out at a gym by myself, it would be much easier to skip a workout if I had nobody to answer to - it is easy to partner with Laurie to hold myself accountable for taking care of myself. This summer, I'm delighted to go sleeveless and show off the tone in my arms and shoulders - I've never had that before! I've also dropped two pants sizes, which is far beyond what I had hoped for when I'd set out to work with a personal trainer. Laurie's communication and punctuality are also commendable; she is trustworthy and consistent in her approach, which I appreciate. Laurie is great and someone I'm delighted to recommend to others seeking effective personal training and coaching.