Drop and Give Me 20 (push-ups that is)

Submitted by: Catherine Carlson

Patricia's Success Story

Patricia came to Cathy with only one month left before leaving Alaska for Coast Guard physical testing. Her goals were to lose weight and body fat to meet coast Guard guidelines, improve her 1.5 mile run time, and be able to do cadence push-ups again.

Patricia and Cathy met a total of 12 times at the club and Patricia had the discipline to work out on her own as well. She went from being able to do 0 cadence push-ups to 25(yes these are full on non-girl, military style push-ups), a 15:56 minute 1.5 mile run time down to 12:53 minutes, she lost 10lbs., lost body fat, and 4.75" in her body measurments! Wow!

Here is what Patricia had to say about her training time with Cathy, "The running exercises were great and effective! Circuit training is good because I can also do many of these exercises on my own. I had a great time, and I'm going to miss you. Thank you for spending time with me!" - Patricia

Way to go Patricia, you rock!