Submitted by: Rachel Koester

Jeana's Success Story

This is my former client Jeana! We trained together for 3 three months, then Jeana took the initiative to fly solo and test her own accountability. By looking at the picture, you can see she's done at awesome job-- I am so proud of her!!

Also, by looking at her picture you would have no idea that Jeana has several disabilities, which she fights through daily. She has muscular dystrophy, as well as a rare disease called Maria Charcot Tooth. Muscular dystrophy obviously affects her muscles,especially in her hands, but you should see her hit the weights! Not only is she dedicated to her weight training, but Jeana has had a tremendous improvement in her balance.With much practice together, Jeana now not only stands on the Bosu (black side), but she does her weights while on top as well!! A tremendous accomplishment with a neurological disorder.
This month will be one since since Jeana joined the gym and she has a total of 60LBs and counting!!
Rock on Jeana!!!


Jeana Before


Jeana After