Dress dilemma.

Submitted by: Felipe Aceituno

Monica's Success Story

When I joined snap fitness I needed to lose two dress sizes fast for an upcoming wedding. I was nervous because I had never joined a gym before but my Snap Fitness trainer made the whole process simple and painless. I joined the Boot Camp small group class and I have already lost one dress size in just a month. I really enjoy attending my boot camp lessons twice a week. I have a lot of fun with the other members of my boot camp. We laugh and tell stories while getting our butts in shape. The sessions are always challenging and we do so many different exercises the hour seems to fly by. I would recommend the Boot Camp and personal training to anyone who is looking for some extra help meeting those goals or a different routine. I feel that when I "graduate" from Boot Camp I will have a pocket full of exercises that I can use to spice up my own routines. I get so much personal attention during the Boot Camp sessions I never feel like I have to share the trainer’s time. It is like a group of friends working out together! I never thought working out could be fun but I actually look forward to going to my Boot Camp sessions.

Monica Bayer