Down 60 LBS and Stronger Than Ever!

Submitted by: Joe Cross

Mike's Success Story

Mike asked if I could help him lose 25 pounds and build lean muscle. He had started losing some weight but wanted professional help to develop and sustain positive results. He could see warning signs of poor health when his weight soared. And Mike had never worked out before. Now in his mid-50s he was determined to make a change. Together we crafted a specialized plan and met twice a week for fitness sessions. A month into our training, he emailed me:

“This is truly an uplifting and amazing experience. I feel so good about myself and the work I am doing. I already feel lighter and more flexible. But the greatest thing is on the inside. I feel healthier like I haven't felt my whole life.”

After just two months, Mike had dropped 12 pounds and 3% body fat. He also gained a new zeal for life. That zeal helped him lose a total of 60 pounds. And his lean muscle and strength continue to grow. Way to go Mike!


Mike Before


Mike After