Down 2 Sizes and more confident

Submitted by: Marie Ande

Beth's Success Story

Since I have been doing Flemington Boot Camps, I have gone down two sizes in clothes and I am actually fitting into a pair of pants that haven’t fit since before my three children were born. I am stronger and I have definitely noticed a loss of overall body fat. Marie also helps to guide us in our food choices and continues to encourage us to eat healthy food. I rarely miss a class because I have committed that day and time to doing something positive for myself.

I feel like the Flemington Boot Camps has changed my life tremendously. I am feeling confident and happy. Marie pushes us just enough to always get the most out of the class. She is encouraging and inspires us to always be kind to ourselves, no matter what shape and size we are. I am so happy that I tried the class! I would encourage everyone to just try it and see for themselves.


Beth Before

Marie Ande

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