Doing Things I Never Thought Were Possible & Without Pain

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Johanna L.'s Success Story

I have worked with Deb over the course of two summers, 2006 and 2009 and have gone from pretty debilitating lower back pain to virtually pain free.

I was referred to Deb when I was only 23 years old after years of back pain due to a high school gymnastics injury and a life of weak abdominals and generally poor posture. I was very frustrated as a former gymnast and runner as I feared any physical activity as the result was so often pain and back spasms.

The first summer I worked with Deb back in 2006 we did Pilates once a week, and after only 6-8 weeks my pain was virtually gone and I could feel myself standing much straighter. In fact, friends asked if I had lost weight but it was just that my posture was so much better and I stood so much taller!

Unfortunately, at that time I moved away from the Twin Cities and was no longer able to work with Deb. I searched and searched over the course of three years for a pilates/yoga instructor to ‘replace’ her and was consistently disappointed. Deb has more training, and more innate understanding of body mechanics, than any other Pilates instructor that I have met.

Luckily, I spent the summer of 2009 in Minneapolis and was once again able to work with Deb.

This time I went 1-2 times per week as I knew I had such a limited amount of time with her. Despite her vast knowledge of Pilates years before, the training in Egoscue that she received in the interim really advanced our work together. Not only were the 10 weeks with Deb able to get me ‘back on track’ but I now feel like I have many of the tools and exercises to use daily and/or whenever I need them to address back pain, and other alignment issues on my own. I am now back to running a couple of times a week, can go into yoga classes with the tools to know I will get something out of it and not hurt myself, and even recently learned how to snowboard. None of these things were possible in the few years before I worked with Deb.

Despite my progress, I would still choose to work with Deb weekly if I lived in the Twin Cities. I am now committed to striving for better (I don’t dare say perfect) body alignment and I know my progression with Deb would be so much faster and more fulfilling!

Thank you Deb!!

Johanna L.