Dog Day Fit

Submitted by: Jeri Lynn Sunok

Zeus Valentino Sunok's Success Story


When I was younger, Coach Mom would do ball sprints with me. I sadly noticed that I could only do "two runs" before I was huffing with my tougue dropping to the grass. And barking for water and rest time versus more playtimes. Coach Mom was concerned and started me on a consistent regimen similar to her clients. Jeri, aka Coach Mom, would inspire,"BE CONSISTENT". Months later, I was up to 10 sprints. NOW, Mom gets tired before me. Happy Trails!! This one is for all you dogs and humans out there. Yap, being a loved and fit dog is all-GOOD. WURF, wurf!

Jeri and Fitness Intuitive™ make a significant and effective difference in many people’s (and furry sons) lives...Click, think, pump up, stretch, and breath!
““a favorite trainer for ļ¬tness tips.” - GLAMOUR magazine
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Zeus Valentino Sunok Before


Zeus Valentino Sunok After