Do it the Right Way

Submitted by: Ashley Brodeur

Carole's Success Story

What a difference Ashley has made in my life! I had been faithfully going to the gym five times a week for about 2 1/2 years when I met Ashley. When she asked me what I had been doing, I had to admit to this and that. It was obvious I didn't have a clue! Ashley has changed that with tailor made programs for me. She knows what I need to work on and she designs the programs to fit my needs. She keeps me motivated and doesn't let me slack off. Trust me there are times when I would take the easy way out, but I have a bond and trust in Ashley that doesn't let me take shortcuts in my program. She puts my programs in my journal so I can work on my own during the week. In addition to my exercise program, Ashley is helping me with good nutrition choices. It is making a big difference in my weight loss.

Ashley exemplifies what I was looking for in a fitness coach. She cares about me and my progress and works in full partnership with me so I can achieve my individual goals. It can't get better that that.