Devyne Stephens

Submitted by: Darrell Watkins

's Success Story

"Being an entertainer means you entertain! In order to entertain at my level it demands high energy and constant movement. One needs to be physically fit, which requires a structured workout regimen, and maintain a high level of discipline. I've been an entertainer, entertained with others and have shown the music industries top artist how to entertain which is where I have developed an extreme amount of stamina. I have been missing one important element and that is discipline.

Darrell has instilled in me the discipline I desperately needed. He doesn't allow me to use my busy schedule as an excuse. He always plans my schedule, even if it means working out at midnight or 4am. I've taught a lot of music artist and dancers the basic muscles that you use for dancing however, Darrell has shown me the importance as well as the science behind developing and utilizing certain muscles to achieve peak performance. He has achieved this through my daily workouts.

After only four months of training & nutrition, my body has made a 360 degree change. All I want to say now is thank you for your patience, your guidance and helping me stick to my schedule, by waking me up in the mornings to make our workout. I even appreciate you helping me eat right even if it meant calling my house every doggoned day."