Determination/Dedication leads to RESULTS

Submitted by: Mishell Nibert

Quincy Arnold's Success Story

My journey...The one thing that made me stop and really commit to getting back right is when I looked at that picture I took when I went for a trip to Tennessee back in November 2012. My job required me to travel a lot which was no excuse, but when I finally was able to sit down some where for a minute I just got lazy. I went to Snap Fitness and joined to start working out on my own. Well, lucky for me, I had the opportunity to meet with Mishell for a consultation. She listened to what I wanted to achieve and got me there! It wasn't always easy, but she kept me motivated. She allowed for me to enjoy going to the gym and still have fun while working out. Since I started working out with her, I have lost a total of 19 lbs...currently now at 148lbs! It became even more important to me when I found out in late January that one of my aunts had passed and she was only 48, only 10 years older than me. I am no longer in the area, but the workout and the healthy style of eating she tailored for me has gotten me to this point. She still checks on my progress and continues to motivate me. Now I can sit in Florida on the beach and feel even more confident! Thank you so much Mishell!!!


Quincy Arnold Before


Quincy Arnold After