Determination is Key

Ginny's Success Story

Ginny showed up in my class over a year ago. She struggled thru class like many other students and soon mastered the movements and the tempo of the class. She invited several of her educator friends and only one joined her determination, Roberta. They both became fitness buddies and helped each other by motivating themselves to come to class. It was soon that I began to see how their motivation lead to success. Ginny has lost over 30 pounds (with help from Fitness Pal and exercising in my class 3x's a week) and has gone from wearing short-sleeved shirts and below-the-knee workout clothes to sleeveless shirts and trendy workout shorts. Just the simple act of changing attire is symbolic of her success and happiness of what she has achieved. She is an inspiration to many in class and her bubbly attitude is contagious. I am very proud of Ginny.