Dedication Always Works!

Ashley's Success Story

Ashley began working with my in March of 2012. Her goal was to lose inches in her lower tummy and to tighten and tone her upper and lower body. I worked with Ashley twice a week in semi-private sessions and she worked 3-4 days per week on her own, based on the eating and exercise plan I gave her. Week by week, Ashley lost approximately 1.25 pounds of fat and gained the muscle tone and definition that she had been looking for.

See what her statistics were at the end of our 8 weeks of training:

Lost 10.5 pounds of fat...
Dropped from 17.9& body fat to 8.4% BODY FAT!!
Lost a total of 8 inches...
Dropped 2 inches in her waist...

She is now moving for college and is continuing to work hard based on the knowledge, skill, and technique she learned. Good luck Ashley!

The before picture was taken on her second session
The after picture is a snapshot that was taken on April 27, 2012....7 weeks after we began working together.


Ashley Before


Ashley After

Victoria Harris, CWC, PFT

Spencer Institute, NESTA
Verified Cert/Training