Debi's Testimonial

Submitted by: Mandie Shockley

Debi 's Success Story

“I started working with Mandie in November, after losing about 13 pounds in 8 weeks on Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers was a good temporary crutch for me, but it’s got NOTHING on Mandie! I’m now approaching an additional 30 pounds lost; I’ve lost 18 inches so far, too. My final goal is ambitious, and I have no doubt Mandie will help me reach it: she’s extremely knowledgeable and is very considerate of my needs and limitations while helping me shed bad habits and shore up weak areas. She pays close attention to each client, taking the time to customize every aspect of our sessions. Her insight is invaluable, too: it took her no time at all to figure out how best to motivate me as an individual, and every workout presents a new challenge appropriate to my personal strengths and abilities – while helping me build new ones. Mandie is fully invested in and committed to my success. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer!”