Deana Miller Fights her way to her fittest

Submitted by: Joe Virga

Deana's Success Story

What can you say about the person that changed your fitness life? Joseph Virga did just that for me. When I walked into his gym, CKO Kickboxing San Diego, I was over 200 lbs, unhappy and stressed out (at the time, I was planning my wedding). Additionally, I have Multiple Sclerosis, so my energy level was always a challenge. Joe is that rare kind of fitness trainer. You are always greeted with a smile, high five and a quick question“”how we doing?” He never forgets important things going on in your life. He checks in -- he participates -- he makes you want to come and workout. He makes CKO more than a gym“he makes it a place where you feel welcomed, celebrated and safe. Joe’s motto is:”give 100% of whatever you have walking in the door.” This motto makes him an effective trainer; he doesn’t yell and scream -- he makes sure that you are performing the fitness moves properly and safely, all while motivating you to give it your best. His classes are fun“boy do we laugh, but boy do we SWEAT! He likes to trick your muscles and throw your body off guard to ignite your weight loss potential and muscle growth. And that’s how I ultimately lost 30 lbs, 2 dress sizes, and 10% of my body fat. I was stronger, happier, less stressed and I looked and felt great! Check out my photos below!
Unfortunately, over the last several months, I have had a MS relapse. I have been unable to workout and the medication I am taking has caused a lot of weight gain. Every other week, Joe checks in to make sure I’m ok and to support me in my recovery. He sends me encouraging messages through my fellow CKO Kickboxers, letting me know I am not forgotten. I know that he is waiting for me to return so that he can motivate me through this tough time. That’s Joe“he never leaves your side and always makes you feel like a winner. He pushes you hard and expects you to work hard“all while celebrating every accomplishment and supporting you through every rough moment. No one is more deserving of this award than Joe. Like I said, he changed my fitness life. He made me want to be healthier. There aren’t a lot of trainers out there that are NOT motivated by money, but are motivated by the accomplishments and joy of the client. That’s Joe. I just think he’s amazing.


Deana Before


Deana After