Dawn-Marie Kicked Anorexia & Bulimia to the Curb & Looks Sexier Than Ever!

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Dawn-Marie's Success Story

Dawn-Marie most likely never thought that lack of food would cause her weight gain issues. As a teen, she had both anorexia and bulimia which are eating disorders. Anorexia is characterized by aversion to food and obsession to weight loss and is manifested in self-induced starvation and excessive exercise. On the other hand, bulimia is characterized by gorging on large quantities of food and purging through self-induced vomiting. Approximately 10% of teen girls in the United States have some form of eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Though most teens don't think about the consequences of starvation diets, it comes with a cost with one being the altering and decline of metabolism. In Dawn-Marie's own testimony, both of her eating disorders contributed to her weight gain.

Pregnancy Woes & In a Rut... Though Dawn-Marie was very happy to give birth to her three beautiful daughters, her pregnancies only contributed to more weight gain, making her peak at 180 pounds. Exhaustion was a term she could relate to constantly. With the extra weight and fatigue, she felt lost, lonely, and depressed. For years, Dawn-Marie would begin to work on making a change for her health and lose weight. Each month, she would start and phase out only to begin again in the new month. She continued to make that empty promise of losing weight each year only to find herself in the same place the next.

Motivation Finally Arrives... After Dawn-Marie realized that other people were fit and lean who once struggled with greater weight issues than herself, it was her ticket to really buckle down and get started on her healthy lifestyle. She figured if "they" could do it, then she could too! Therefore, her excuses came to a halt. She put down the chicken fingers drenched in Ranch dressing, as well as the loaded potatoes and beer. Instead, she opted for healthy meals. Her favorite foods now are egg whites and blueberries! She even began busting her tail at the gym as well with kettlebells as her favorite workout.

2012 Did It... Dawn-Marie made great headway in her fitness and health goals in 2010. She reached her goal of 140. Yet, she didn't stop there. After many personal struggles between then and April 2012, she still continued in her fitness endeavors and eating clean. She never thought she could look like a figure athlete, but she did it! She lost more body fat and gained lean muscle while dropping several dress sizes. She went from a size 14 to a perfect size 6 and is more beautiful than cover models! As Dawn-Marie continues to be active at home with her three beautiful daughters, as well as at the gym, she is a HUGE inspiration to all women who struggle with weight loss. She is sexier than ever!

A Word From Dawn-Marie...

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health."


Dawn-Marie Before


Dawn-Marie After