43 years old, 13% body fat lost at AlamoShape

Submitted by: Rosemarie Ferrara

Darla's Success Story

I am a mother of four and grandmother of one. I have always worked out, but was not in the 'shape' I wanted to be in.

When I decided to compete in the Fitness America competition I knew just the person to inspire and guide me to reach my goals. I went from almost 27% body fat to 14.8% and from a size 11/12 to a size 5/6.

Not only did I reach my goals, but I learned so much about myself and what I could accomplish with someone as knowledgable and skilled as Rosemarie.

Update from Rosemarie Ferrara: Darla went on to win 2nd place in the bikini classic division at the 2010 NM Fitness Championships. She was a crowd favorite!


Darla Before


Darla After