Dance Trance National Program

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Dance Trance was recently featured in the January 2011 edition of Southern Living Magazine. It's the hottest thing happening right now in fitness!!

In every location, Dance Trance classes are jam packed with students every night waiting for their next dose of hair-raising adrenaline. There are students of all ages participating in this all-out dance marathon. In any one class, you can find first time students and seasoned class veterans all dancing together and enjoying the heck out of their fitness class. It is really a unique experience.

That element of fun, the driving music, light effects and the fact that every class is different is what makes the class popular with fitness enthusiasts who may be bored with stepping up and down or dancng to the same type music every night. Dance Trance is a fitness class that uses choreographed dance routines to get the most out of a workout. It’s hard to explain the level of enthusiasm for this class, we suggest that you come in and experience it for yourself!

There are now Twenty Seven Dance Trance locations available throughout the United States and Canada with more on the way!

Jay Handline

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