Dana M.

Submitted by: Zachary Davis

's Success Story

But here are the facts: I left the doctor's office having weighed in at 142 lbs on my 5' 2" frame. It was the heaviest I had ever been. I would soon be turning 50, and I wanted to be in better shape. I learned of a boot camp that was in a small private setting, so I joined. Even though I was the oldest person in the class most of the time, Zach's program was adaptable for the varying fitness levels in a way that challenged the most fit people and I could still keep up. When I returned the next year for my annual exam, I flipped the numbers to 124. The doctor was concerned about the "considerable weight loss" how was my depression? My response was are you kidding me, I worked hard for this. He noted the considerable bruising and contusions I had from a previous four-wheeler accident. No broken bones? Nope. Boot Camp builds strong bones. Thanks Zach.