Dan Loses 100 lbs

Submitted by: Mark Shields

Dan's Success Story

This testimonial is a few years old at this point.

I've been working with Mark for just over a year now. We first met after one of my workouts when I was told he was going to be running a Nutritional seminar at the gym later in the month. I wasn't really looking for a personal trainer; I mean honestly who wants to have to pay more for someone to write a work out program when the gym provides that service for free. I was already cycling everyday (back then up to 10 miles at a time...today I ride 20-40 as a casual workout) and I was lifting weights at the gym.

Weight loss was one of my primary focuses and I had already dropped 45 pounds on my own by exercising and improving my diet. But when I talked to Mark that first day, he got really excited to hear about my successes already, and he gave me a glimpse of what we could do together. I have to say that his enthusiasm for my situation made me excited and I knew that I would have to bite the bullet and start working with him.

A bit of history about myself and how I came to work with Mark. A few years prior, I was a fairly successful corporate type who worked in a high-pressure sales environment. What does that equate to, well stress, lots of coffee, fast food, and lots of sitting at a computer (all hunched over like 90% of the people who work at computers do). After 9 years of that, my body decided to tell me it had enough and my back/hip went out on me. I bring this up, because it was a life-changing event that still plagues me to this day. I wasn't able to sit, let alone stand for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. After seeing a lot of different doctors, physical therapist, and chiropractors one message came through to me...I had to lose weight (I was 285 lbs) and I needed to strengthen my core muscles.

That was a year ago. Since working with Mark, I've learned so much more about nutrition (especially when it comes to sugars and the myriad of names they hide in foods as!), and more importantly I've learned about my body and what it can do. Mark, has taken in all of my requirements and has slowly built up my workouts to coincide with what my Physical Therapist has me doing to help enhance my recovery. And ultimately, the results are obvious. I've lost another 45 lbs while working with Mark, dropped 4 pant sizes, went from a 2XL shirt to a Large, and have actually began to see some toning in my body.

If you want to talk about boosts to my self-confidence? My mother was recently visiting (I hadn't seen her in over a year) and she just kept saying "If I were to pass you on the street, I don't think I would recognize you!” Or a good friend told me, "Oh my God! Don't take this wrong, but you’re SKINNY!" (I'm not sure how I could take that wrong! It's GREAT!) But the best comments are from my wife of 14 years (I actually weigh 30 lbs less now, than when we met and married!) She's commented on how defined my back is getting, and how flat my stomach has gotten, and well, a lot of other comments I won't go into...but they are all great! And I still have another 25-30 lbs that I want to lose to hit my ideal weight.

While I have little doubt that I would have eventually lost the weight, and gained the toning that I have eventually, I know that working with Mark has greatly sped up the process for me. Even though I'm greatly devoted to healthy living, Mark has been there to help me through those hard times and kept me motivated to keep going when even I wasn't really in the mood to do so.


Dan Before


Dan After