D1 Development, Knee Microfracture Rehabilitation

Submitted by: Marco Sanchez

Mark "Roo" Adams's Success Story


I have been working out with Marco since the summer of 2009 and he has been instrumental in my development. He always seems to know the perfect stretches/exercises to fix a problem I am having. He has a unique ability to push you harder to get results while still maintaining a close eye on your form and technique. I have noticed huge improvements in my lateral speed and explosive movement since working with him. I will continue to train with Marco as long as I have the opportunity.

Mark “Roo” Adams
Malden Catholic Hockey (2004-2008)
Chicago Steel, USHL (2008-2009)
Providence College Hockey (2010-current)
Buffalo Sabres, NHL 2009 5th Round Draft Pick #134 Overall


Mark "Roo" Adams Before


Mark "Roo" Adams After