Submitted by: Jabez Gibson

Leslie's Success Story

Hey u, haven't heard from or seen ya in a bit. Hope all is well. Your face and energy are missed over here. Remember when we first started out over how hot it was in the studio & you still rocked wit me even though you had that other gym membership :)

...all the conversations shared over the years, the attention we have created either directly through our training or just you do n your lady thing accenting your figure through your style. Heard from a little bird you are making use of that membership again, good job. Also heard your writing your own programs, BADAZZ LADY!!

Do you remember me saying to you that was MY goal for you? So you never NEED to feel helpless that way... no matter why or how it seems you have approached that day. I am proud of all the hard work you put into yourself & well being. I am ecstatic to hear you are continuing your conditioning, I know you have a firm foundation and you will continue to turn heads and cause conversation wherever you train.

NOTHING SHOULD CHANGE NOW- continue to challenge self, let YOU be your own guide, heed the personal signals YOUR body sends, respect the principles you have been shown, REMEMBER, “THE MIND CONTROLS THE BODY,” never the reverse...

From the time I entered this industry I have always promoted the idea of “the student surpassing the teacher.” So, I'm gonna go ahead and toot my own horn right now & say in fitness whether coaching or personally training, I'm good @ this! Just a statement, you don't have to believe it, I'm not tryna convince you of anything, just tryna say something to whoever will hear it.

I don't know if your used to having looong term friends/”clients” but, I am. This particular person is sorta special to me. She helped me re-establish a personal vision & supplied me with the fuel I needed @ a time when I really wasn't sure if I made a smart decision. She has been one of my most consistent and willing participants/experiments to date, yes experiment...

Honestly, its kinda funky to feel as if I lost one. For some time now I have tried to get some of the people I work with to go back to their gyms if they still have the memberships. I want them to see if they recognize what differences exist. Not so much facility wise, but in the quality of what is offered as personal training or conditioning, environment, etc.
Well again, I got a word from a little birdie that said my friend is doing exactly what I had in mind for her during our 3 years together.

At first she never liked when I would make her demonstrate her interactive participation by either choosing the next body part worked or next exercise. After a bit with that I encouraged and required her to write her own program a few times and she did really well. I knew then she understood, it would just be a matter of her confidence and drive to push without me (her comfort knowing I'm gonna require hard work when we get @ it).

Congrats U, never mind why just know you are @ that next level now. Don't be swayed by anything less than what you know is required to be the odd ball/exception. Work hard and make us both proud so that when we cross paths again our conversation only goes there on mutual terms. Not from shame or excuses but from 2 old friends reminiscing or discussing a productive future.

Have fun girly, shine your light on whoever will receive it, take no shorts wit your conditioning!
The ODD-BALL/EXCEPTION never has to beg attention but, has to know how to manage both the positive and negative energy which it brings. Continue to be exceptional...


Leslie Before


Leslie After