Cyd's Story

Submitted by: Jennifer Lynch

Cydney's Success Story

I just want to start by saying that my success in this journey is really due in large part to my trainer Jennifer Lynch. She is an extremely skilled trainer, an amazing motivator and I am now proud to say, a very good friend.

I had been working on losing those last 10 pounds for about 4 years; I thought I was doing everything right. I worked out 3 times a week; I was eating healthy (so I thought), by counting calories and eating whole foods. But I wasn’t losing weight and I wasn’t really gaining more muscle either. And I was trying to reach the goal of one pull-up, a goal that eluded me forever.

Then I met Jennifer at Game Changer Fitness. First she introduced me to real training, heavy lifting, High intensity interval training, and just plain fun workouts. She immediately recognized my style and incorporated jumping and climbing into my workouts. Before I met her I was doing things like ½ marathons as motivation to keep up my training, but honestly I wasn’t really motivated by running, I just thought I should run because it was suppose to be good for me. So Jennifer introduced me to obstacle races like the Dirty Girl Run, the Survivor Run and my favorite the Tough Mudder (the most difficult obstacle race in the world.) I absolutely excelled at this kind of working out and I’m happy to say I have more muscle now than fat.

After the training aspect of my journey was in line, Jennifer introduced me to a way of eating called Paleo. I had never heard of Paleo eating, so I researched it and decided that it sounded not only doable, but something that I truly believed was good and healthy. So I started on my Paleo way of life. From day 1 it was not difficult for me. The biggest problem with food programs for me was that I did not want to be hungry and with Paleo there are no limitations on how much you eat just what you eat and what you don’t eat. With my new style of working out with Jennifer Lynch at Game Changer Fitness and eating Paleo I lost not 10 but 15 pounds in about 2 months. And I went from a size 10 to a size 4.

But for me the most exciting thing is my strength. I am a small woman with a lot of strength. I can do 14 consecutive Skin the cats on the rings. I can lift 150 pounds in a dead lift, I can climb to the top of a thirty foot rope, I can climb up and over a 8 foot 9 inch wall, I can jump up on a 24 inch box jump, but best of all I can do 6 static pull ups in a row. I have never been more proud of anything in my life. Seriously. Thank you Jennifer and Game Changer Fitness!!


Cydney Before


Cydney After