Cycle Racing at a Pro Level

Submitted by: Patrick Jak, MS

Andrew's Success Story

When Andrew first came to me, he had just earned his upgrade to a Category 2 bike racer. His goal was to become a Category 1 racer (the highest amateur level in the United States) and race in a high profile professional race. After testinghis performance numbers such as VO2max, lactate threshold, and power, we were able to get a solid understanding of his capabilities and what he needed to focus on in order to meet his goals. Using online coaching applications as well as face-to-face meetings and phone conversations, Andrew quickly earned his Category 1 license. By tracking his numbers we were able to provide data to potential teams interesting in earning an invitation to the Redlands Bicycle Classic, recognized as being one of the hardest stage races on U.S. soil. His hard work paid off and he earned a spot as a guest rider and was able to finish among the top amateurs.