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Submitted by: Mandy Watson

Lisa's Success Story

"I recently decided to get a personal trainer because I needed someone to help kick my butt back into shape. I was really nervous for a few reasons. First, the gym freaks me out: there's nothing less fun than going to a gym on post when you're overweight and don't really know what you're doing. Second, and more importantly, I've had joint problems since I was a teenager so I need to be very careful not to put undue stress on them. I've done a couple of consultations with trainers in the past and I left feeling pretty dissatisfied. After my first appointment with Mandy I went home completely smoked but really excited. I've felt the same way after every appointment since. I really like working with Mandy. She's great at working me out really hard but being encouraging the whole time. I'm seeing great results in terms of losing weight and feeling better all around. What I like the best is that I really feel like she's tailored my workouts to meet my goals. She doesn't just train me to look better (which is great) but she also incorporates exercises that help stabilize my joints which will definitely benefit me in the long term. I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking to make a change for the better!"- Lisa D, Fayetteville, NC.