Crossfit Competitor

Submitted by: Wes Kennedy

Brandy's Success Story

Brandy came to ETP looking for direction and purpose to her training plan. Holding a full time job while balancing all the roles and duties of a mother, wife, athlete, and part time entrepreneur requires a training plan specifically customized to get the most out of her time at the gym. Brandy has set her sights on earning a spot at the 2014 Canada East Crossfit Regionals and is working harder than ever before to get there.

"After being moderately successful in the 2013 Crossfit Opens, just 9 months post pregnancy, I realized that I had the potential to go to Crossfit Regionals. This put a fire in me to become a better, well rounded athlete. I needed structure and guidance from someone I respected. More importantly, I needed a program to work around my very busy schedule. I needed it to be on my own (no classes) and directed at making my weaknesses my strengths.

Since I have been on Wes’s program, I have seen amazing results in my endurance, stamina and strength. I have increased my personal records on every single one of my lifts. As well, I redid workouts from the 2013 Crossfit Opens and have well exceeded my original score. More importantly, I competed in the UG Series-Toronto where I placed third overall.

Due to the busy nature of my life: military, mom, wife, and entrepreneur, time is of the essence. I am gone a lot, yet, Wes’s programming has still pushed me past my comfort and into success! Wes’s programming not only allows me to fit in my workouts when I can, but where I can. My programming has been dynamic and effective.

I have always been strong, healthy and fit, but Wes has brought those aspects of my life to the next level by giving me clear, direct, and catered programming, custom tailored to my personal goals. I enjoy knowing my training plan is tailored to ME and not just my favorite workouts or movements. I feel accountable not only to myself, but to Wes as well. He is very good at listening to the client, and providing knowledgeable information on nutrition, exercise, and mobility.

Having personal motivation is huge in training, but Wes is amazing at encouraging the individual to push themselves. With Wes, goals will be achieved. I would say“ what do you have to lose? Life is too short to wait. Why not have Elite Training Programs provide you with the guidance to reach your own personal goals!”


Brandy Before


Brandy After