awareness- key to safe exercise starting with seniors

Submitted by: Heidi Wollman

Anne, Ann, Barbara, Daphne, Joanna, Vera, Margaret, Joel, 's Success Story

My clients i have who are in their late 70 and 80s are absolutely incredible! Many have never worked out a day in their lives. So working with people who have been living in, and with, the same bodies for over an average lifetime is a fantastic gift to me. I know first hand by watching my clients that you really can teach old dogs new tricks.
Most have never even thought about breathing- something we do every moment of our lives. To see them grasp the concept that they can control their nervous system with their breath, move through movements and gain strength with their breathing is a wonderful metamorphosis to observe. These clients are pushing themselves far harder than most clients half their age because they have found confidence with the knowledge i give them, that they are safe doing the moves they never dreamed possible.
Ranges of motion, proprioception and strength gained, give them freedom and confidence that could easily otherwise have kept them prisoner in their bodies and their homes.
It's never too late!