Couples Getting Fit Together

Submitted by: Christi MacNee

Wendy and Doug G.'s Success Story

"My husband and I have been working with Christi MacNee for 6 months now and we've really enjoyed our personal training experience. When we started out, Christi was very thorough in her assessment of us.She reviewed our starting weight and measurements, eating habits, health history, and lifestyle. She then put a custom tailored program together for each of us and reviews our progress monthly. It's been fun to track our success!

Along the way, Christi has introduced a variety of programs to us -- Yoga, Zumba, and now Ripped. She has even worked a little with our youngest daughter, teaching her the importance of health and fitness. She's been a great source of information for all of our healthy lifestyle needs.

What has really impressed me about Christi is that she is very in tune with each of her clients. We are not all put through the same cookie-cutter program. She offers a lot of variety in her exercise programs, which is great for those of us who get bored easily. She puts her clients through a pace that their bodies can handle; teaches us stretching techniques, and, even custom tailors a week long program for those clients traveling on business or vacation. She's a great motivator and holds us accountable. She even stays in touch with us over email when we are trying to stay fit on the road!

I would recommend Christi to anyone, regardless of your fitness level. She's worked with those of us new to weight training as well as atheletes looking to take it to the next level. She's also a great role model as she sets goals for her own fitness accomplishments in training for marathons.

It's been fun training together with my husband. With Christi's help, we are both reaching our individual goals -- he's lost 15 pounds, slimmed his core, and built up his muscle mass, while I am increasing my strength and toning my body all over. It's great to get that confidence back when jumping into a swim suit for the summer!"


Wendy and Doug G. After