Core training workshops & Bike handling skills sessions a success

Submitted by: Joanne Bradbury

Anne, Karen, Rod, T. Bach, Nicky, Eric, Sara's Success Story

“We’ve had numerous customers comment on how great your core training and bike handling skills seminars were at the Bike Lane Cyclefest. The event was a great success – thanks for being a part of it.”
--Anne Mader, The Bike Lane, Reston, VA

“Thank you for taking part at the “Women on Wheels” festival. Your core training for cyclists session was extremely well received.” Karen Hambly, Southampton, England

“Thank you Joanne and thank you for all of your input; I learned a lot at your core session today!” Rod Erikson, VA

“I have regularly been doing the exercises you showed us since your core training session at BikeFest. I may switch from triathlons to focus on bike racing, but either way, the core training benefits me in whatever athletic endeavor I pursue. Both of your clinics were very helpful to me, so thank you very much.” -- T. Bach Melick, Vienna, VA

“Thanks, Joanne! I really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to doing the program at home. I was pretty sore the following day – it definitely shows how effective the exercises were!” -- Nicky Miller, VA

“Your core training seminar was very informative and I plan to adapt my workout to incorporate some of the things you taught us. Thank you!” --Eric Jensen, Fairfax, VA

“Thank you so much for the great seminar. I really learned a lot of great new exercises and stretches that I know will be good for me.” Sara Kaur, Management Consultant and Amateur Cyclist, Herndon, VA