Converted Athlete

Submitted by: Deanett Pierce

Karen's Success Story

My journey with Deanett Pierce began in January 2013. Her fierce reputation did not prepare me for our actual meeting when she weighed me, took measurements, and continued to catch me off-guard as she clearly listened to my story and tried to get to know me. I was not expecting her to care under that tough exterior. The next week, I began our personal training. I seriously thought I was going to die that first day, but I left with a sense of hope and accomplishment that I had not quit during the workout! Then I began to notice that for the first time in my life, Deanett was pushing me to do things and go further than I had ever thought possible. It was not until the end of the 7th week with one week left to go, that I finally realized that each week Deanett had gotten something out of me that no one ever had before. I realized I was stronger and motivated to make this a lifestyle

Three weeks into my second session of personal training, I watched Deanett, my husband and his brother complete a Spartan race and for the first time I wanted to do one. At that point, Deanett changed my training and began preparing me physically and emotionally for the race. She was there every step of the way by my side, and far exceeded my expectations of any trainer. On May 4, 2013, almost four months after I had begun training with Deanett, I had lost 20 pounds, countless inches, and I was about to run my very first obstacle race with Deanett by my side, we went, “Over, through, under, and off every obstacle. Nothing was too big, too muddy, or too tough.” I will never forget my fierce trainer by my side, who encouraged me every step of the way as we crawled through mud, pulled ourselves out of tunnels, up a hill, jumped over fire, manipulated ropes and tires, slid down the slide together,but most importantly, when she grabbed my hand and we crossed the finish line together! She taught me that, “Those obstacles would just be stepping stones to what I would do in my future. There would never be anything too big or too tough to conquer. I am an athlete! I will conquer and succeed.”
Converted Athlete - Karen


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