Consistency, Hard Work, and Faith

Submitted by: Robert Kaleal

Shawn Porter's Success Story

Shawn Porter was an Olympic alternate for the 2008 boxing team. He fought his career at 165lbs. When it was time for Shawn to turn pro his father felt he should move down a weight class or two. He felt it gave him the greatest chance for success. His father contacted me for conditioning as well as weight management. The Goal was to get Shawn to make 154 lbs. We successfully made 154 lbs and Shawn competed and won the NABO championship live on ESPN. From that point on we knew that if Shawn really wanted to be ranked top 10 in the world he needed to make a push for 147lbs. Experts from all over said he would never make the weight. There was some doubt with friends and family, but as a team we needed to make the effort. This was no ordinary effort, we needed to carefully take his body down to a low weight at the same time he had to prepare for 10 round fight. His father as well as Shawn believed in what I had put together and we went for it. He lived at my house for six weeks, we trained 2-3x/day and ate small meal consistently the entire time. Four days prior to the event we had Shawn give blood to make sure he was at a healthy weight. All of the numbers came out excellent and Friday June 16th Shawn weighed in at 147lbs and fought live on Showtime as the co-main event. Better then that he won the fight and proved to everyone who doubted him that consistency, hard work and faith is what it took.