Conquering Giants!

Submitted by: Ryan Arasato

Jennifer Tavarez's Success Story

For nine years, I struggled with my weight. I made regular
commitments to start hitting the gym, eating healthy, and focus on
losing the weight. After about a week or two into my healthy routine,
I would either miss a workout or eat something I wasn't suppose to be
eating and because of that one error, I would quit and go right back
to eating junk in front of the TV. In February of 2011 I felt myself
being so tired of carrying the excess weight and just feeling so
miserable with my body and how I could have allowed myself to gain so
much weight. I signed up for a gym and hired a personal trainer, Ryan
Arasato. At the beginning of our workout sessions, Ryan began
explaining what I should and should not be eating. I remember him
saying one thing that still sticks with me today, "It's not what you
do for the one hour you spend in the gym, it's what you do the other
23 hours outside of the gym." I struggled while learning how to cut
out carbs, sweets, and sodas, but through constant reminders and
motivation from Ryan, I some how came to a point that my body nor my
mind no longer craved an unhealthy diet. Ryan was so committed to my
goal of getting healthy, that he texted me at least twice a day
reminding me of my goal and encouraging me to stay focused. After
three months of working hard with Ryan, I lost 30 lbs. I found myself
wanting to go to the gym on my own, having energy to play with my
kids, hiking with my husband, and just enjoying life. If I had never
met Ryan and allowed him to push me to change, I would still be 228
lbs, unhealthy, and so unhappy. Ryan has been the best investment I
have ever made. Today, I have lost a total of 40 lbs, I continue to
workout and apply all the tools that I learned from the training
sessions, eat healthy, and I continue to strive for the healthiest
lifestyle possible for me, my family, and for anyone that needs just a
little bit of encouragement to get up and get moving. I know that I
could not have lost the weight on my own if I had never asked for
Ryan’s help because I had tried several times and failed. You can
truly see the passion that Ryan has for fitness and for helping
others, it's not just a job to him. When I saw how much he cares about
helping others, I knew that I could not quit because this complete
stranger cared. Ryan, Thank you so much for everything you have done.
Every word of encouragement, every rep that you counted, every drip of
swear that you caused me, the mornings I woke up with soar muscles,
for forcing me to step on that STAIRMASTER, for running up and down
all those flights of stairs with me-Thank you and I love you for


Jennifer Tavarez Before


Jennifer Tavarez After